Welcome to Jupinx, a build system for lectures.

Jupinx is an open source tool for converting ReStructuredText source files into a website via Jupyter Notebooks.

For one example of Jupinx in action, see these lectures.


To install Jupinx, open a terminal and type

pip install jupinx

To upgrade your current installation to the latest version, use

pip install jupinx --upgrade

Common Commands

Convert RST files in source_directory into notebooks:

jupinx -n <source_directory>

View the results using Jupter Notebooks:

jupinx -j <source_directory>

Convert RST files into a website:

jupinx -w <source_directory>

View the generated website:

jupinx -s <source_directory>

Convert RST files into pdf files:

jupinx -p <source_directory>

Get help:

jupinx --help

More details can be found in the tutorial and the documentation.